Upcoming UI URL changes

Hi All,

In about 3-4 weeks, we will be rolling out an update that will be changing the urls in the SIFF UI. This will impact you if you have hardcoded links to specific parts of the UI such as bookmarks, or right-click browser navigation from other tools.

Reason / Details

The main reason for this change is to consolidate all the different DNS names we use for the various application modules and introduce a prefix to the URL paths.

Currently there are different DNS names for the various parts of the application e.g.

Change => https://webchange-us-east-1.siff.io/.

Admin => https://admin-us-east-1.siff.io/.

Activity => https://app-us-east-1.siff.io/.

After the update, this would change to:

Change => https://us-east-1.siff.io/change/.

Admin => https://us-east-1.siff.io/admin/.

Activity => https://us-east-1.siff.io/app/activity/.

We try to avoid these impacting changes as much as possible but sometimes it’s better to just pull the bandaid.

Sorry for any inconvenience. Please reach out if you have any questions.